Also, it sounds like your trying to use a wildcard for appstore signing which I believe isn't allowed. 6.) Well, the problem was at the moment of creating the certificate in I've been pulling out my hair till now, when I simply did this: Xcode Menu > Preferences > Accounts > THE_APPLE_ID_THAT_YOU_ARE_USING > View Details. It would take 2 or more tries to make my taps register. Then Sync your online provisioning profiles to your local machine and the deleted ones will be removed from the list: In the Provisioning Profiles section, right click on the profile you want to delete and choose. @EmmanuelAy If your iOS Developer Program membership is valid, your existing apps on the App Store will not be affected by revoking your certificate. Another strange thing, I don't see my 5 existing provisioning profiles (defined on Apple provisioning portal) in the organizer, even after a refresh and after having entered my provisioning portal login and password : With Xcode 4.2 and later versions, including XCode 4.6, there is a better way to migrate your entire developer profile to a new machine. Delete all or any provisioning profiles from here and it will reflect in Xcode. Cheers Coders.. I guess this is something to do with the .certSigningRequest file I had generated before on the old Mac (I have a backup of that file), but what do I have to do with it on the new Mac? command line tool: this will list all the entitlements of your pre-compiled app. we can use the Search for keywords, tags ([Tag Name]), and users (user:appleseed). Organizer > Devices > Library > Provisioning Profiles where you are getting the error message, and click Refresh. the app is entitled to do certain things that we need to define in the app sandbox. Regarding the issue of your "5 existing provisioning profiles" on the iOS Portal which are missing from your local library in Xcode 4.x Organizer > Devices tab > Provisioning Profile section under Library. team name I contributed a picture to help make this clearer for XCode 4.6 users. (I don't want to change the bundle id since the iOS app is already live). I guess that it is the cause of my problem. On your existing machine, launch Xcode and do this: With Xcode 4.4, at step 3 choose Provisioning Profiles under LIBRARY. Choose Developer Profile in the upper-left corner under LIBRARY, which may be under the heading library or under a heading called TEAMS. in the I tried all the other steps and they didn't work.. But When I just re-created the Certificate using the keychain and provisioning portal. It further seams that the provisioning profile of the (automatically managed) watch OS profile is not up to date. You will see a list of certificates, and you must check off the box next to the one you just made, then Submit. I got mine built. it has the app id, device udids, entitlements, and certificate. I had reinstalled OSX and this was the result. Unity-iPhone is automatically signed, but provisioning profile ,,,some number... has been manually specified. I deleted the folder. Under Preferences > Accounts, clicking on my apple ID and. You are probably hitting conflicts there with fastlane. app id name: this is the app id of the ios application. by using the provisioning_profile, it uses the udid of the provisioning profile, rather than the name. When the summary windows comes up just hit the little arrow at the right of the window. the team id value is sensitive so you have to keep it secret, and we need that in ios code signing. I had the same thing happen to me as Tiguero (thank you for your answer, it gave me hope), but here is a way to get rid of the valid signing identity not found error without having to delete all your provisioning profiles. in the case of an already compiled app, you can inspect the app entitlements using the the entitlements values that are commonly used are icloud, push notifications, apple pay, app sandbox, and more. APPLE Y U NO MAKE THIS EASY???? team name: this is the real name of the team, not the id. In Xcode 5, I can get list of provisioning profiles under Xcode >> preferences >> accounts >> view details.I want to copy profile and have to send it to one of my client, but I am not able to right click on it to find it using "Reveal Profile in Finder" option.How can I get specific provisioning profile in XCode 5 or do I have to download it from every time?