I wish that VLC would fix the on going problem where the first video in a large playlist (ex: 24 4 minute clips) stutters and fragments because VLC is trying to play that video before it has completed formatting its output cache. Help us by reporting it, Computer Tips & Tricks Everyone Should Know, How to Convert Audio and Video Files with VLC Media Player, Active@ KillDisk - Hard Drive Eraser, Nvidia GeForce Graphics Driver 457.30 for Windows 10, AMD Radeon Adrenalin 2020 Edition Graphics Driver 20.11.1 Hotfix. Question is how do I do it?. just always works for me to mess no fuss. MPC-BE, at least for now. How to Disable or Enable VLC Santa Hat Holiday Icon? New audio outputs for Windows Vista, Android, iOS, OpenBSD and OSSv4. Have to try MPC BE (as noted in the second post) since I knew MPC was taken over but not by whom. Be advised that the preview is a development build that may have bugs, missing features, or other issues. Uninstalled it after an hour, installed VLC 3. back. Neither VLC or MPC do that. I positively detest these black backgrounds with fonts almost the same color which fails to take into account that older users don’t have perfect eyesight anymore and can’t see what’s written on the interface. Die Amazon-Angebote bieten jeden Tag Schnäppchen. Das Open-Source-Tool ist der Mediaplayer schlechthin. VLC media player nightly builds. Falls Sie den VLC Player noch nicht verwenden, können Sie ihn hier downloaden. Die Standard-App von Windows 10 unterstützt ebenso eine Hardware-beschleunigte Video-Wiedergabe von Ultra-HD-Inhalten, benötigt jedoch eine manuelle Nachrüstung mit Erweiterungen aus dem Windows Store. Please note that this is a technical preview version and more upgrades are soon to come. Dies können Sie verhindern wenn Sie bei der Installation die entsprechenden Haken entfernen. VLC 4.0: Alte Betriebssysteme vor dem Support-Aus Die neue Version des VLC Media Player bietet eine moderne Benutzeroberfläche für einfachere Bedienung – das gilt auch für die Playlist. Dazu kommen auch 3D-Formate für Bild und Ton wie etwa 360-Grad-VR-Videos und 3D-Audio. On *my* Windows laptop, at least, SMPlayer’s video rendering and stability is *markedly* better than VLC 3.0.x’s, so I use SMPlayer for videos. Das VideoLAN-Projekt hat den VLC Media Player in der Version 3.0 als Download veröffentlicht. New outputs for OpenMax IL on mobile and Decklink Blackmagic. My experience with Virtual Desktop was horrible until I realized it was BECAUSE of VLC player. Good news is that a preview version of the program is already available for download. Higher samplerate, precision, live configuration in the core. Interested users can check out the development directory on the VideoLAN website to download the latest builds to their devices. Der VLC Player 3.0 löst viele Wiedergabeprobleme, die vorherige Versionen des beliebten Media-Players offenbaren.